Areas of Research

1.  Invertebrate-microbe interaction in marine species of commercial interest

  • Cellular, humoral and intestinal immunity;
  • Antimicrobial defenses in crustaceans (penaeid shrimp) and mollusks (bivalves);
  • Antiviral defenses in shrimp;
  • Host defense proteins/peptides (antimicrobial peptides);
  • Role of natural microbiota in host immune responses.


2.  Immunogenetics of marine invertebrates

  • Molecular basis of resistance to infectious diseases;
  • Gene expression signatures;
  • Genomics and Transcriptomics of marine invertebrates.


3.  Marine Biotechnology

  • RNA interference (RNAi)-based therapy;
  • Characterization and application of bioactive compounds from marine invertebrates;
  • Identification of hemato-immunological parameters involved in animal health;
  • Application of biotecnological tools for aquaculture development.